Neyriz Green Farm Cooperative Company bearing Narni brand has many various certificates awarded in the field of healthy food productions and various certificaes along with creating jobs. Many of awarded letters of certificates are observable online and ready to download.
-National Entrepreneur of the country's agricultural sector in 2013
-Receiving Ministry of Health's Health Apple Statue in 2012, 2013
-Province's Premier Cooperative in 2007,2013 -The Best Unit in Fars province's Food and Pharmaceutical Industries 2013
-Fars Province's Premier Entrepreneur in 2010,2012,2013
About the company
Neyriz Green Farm Company located at 200 kilometer distant of Neyriz province in the east of Shiraz is the exclusive founder of producing pomegranate concentrates. The exclusiveness of these pomegranate products has been incentives for day-to-day promotion of our knowledge in the field of processing of all the best kinds of Iran native variety of pomegranates and being the producer of the excellent concentrates of local special pomegranates. As it is well known Neyriz pomegranate is one of the best popular country pomegranates in having pleasant taste and purple red color, has the special features, and of in mass production has had an optimum quality.
Production line
Green Farm Company is benefitting Bertouzy Italia production line. Considering that, Bertouzy Co. in relation with manufacturing all types of production lines of beverages and has privileges of more than 70 years experiences and popularity in operating production lines in Iran and other countries in the past years.
The managers of Green Farm Company are among the best country prominent experts in agriculture and industry and their logical analysis of market and industry status have promoted the pomegranate productions, processes, and selling in Iran, and many other demanding countries. This directly or indirectly enterprise created jobs for more than 1000 people in the field of the region agro- industry and the region commerce.
Planning for future
Green Farm Company in consideration with the market needs and based on the taste of people has endeavored to produce new tentative pomegranate products that are going to package soon and to introducing to markets. These new productions are pomegranate vinegar and marmalade.
About Neyriz
The province of Neyriz is one of Fars province cities, in the southern border of the Zagros Mountains and near Lake Bakhtegan, having unique environmental preserved characteristics, extensive wild life, and variant habitats such as Bakhtegan and Bahram Gour in 200 kilometers distance of east Shiraz. This city and rural populated based on the 1390 statistics 113750 people. Neyriz is located in the south of Lake Bakhtegan and Arsanjan to the west south of Yazd province Khatam province and the east of Estahban and to the west of Kerman province and to north of Darab and Hadji Abad in the province of Hormozgan. Persian is the dominant language for this province people. The ancient city of Neyriz is one of the oldest cities of Fars so that its background reaches to Achaemenian and before that.