Profusion of antioxidants
The antioxidant source of this fruit is full of C vitamin (one of the strong anti oxidants) and so eating one pomegranate or 100 cc of pomegranate juice is the provider of 16 percent of our body daily need. In the meantime, a source of B5 vitamin and potassium and the combination of antioxidant are also from the poly phenols family other valuable materials of this fruit. The acrid taste of pomegranate too due to tannin that it has in its peel content just like tea leaves.
Natural properties of pomegranate in the modern medicine
Consuming pomegranate other than its eating aspect is considerable from medicine viewpoints and therapeutic effects. This fruit has many chemical materials which are effective in fighting with hardening of the blood vessels, cancer inflammations and slowing down the process of cells aging. During the two past decades, the researchers have proved that the harmful metabolites out of oxidation that is the result of natural body reactions and developed by the consummation of oxidized fats in extending the veins hardening and in the reactions of aging cells and cancer. Now there are evidences that states antioxidants (the chemical materials that suppress oxidation) can prevent formation of these harmful matters.
Natural properties of pomegranate in traditional medicine
Sweet juice of pomegranate is useful for healing the chest ache and relieving of coughs. Its sour type is very much useful for the persons who have a warm nature. Pomegranate is a source profuse of A, B, C, E vitamins, and all kinds of iron and useful metals. The pomegranate juice is having tannin sugar and another useful material of mantin that is good for liver and causes the liver purification. Pomegranate with having a lot of vitamin A is very effective in children’s growth and development and B vitamin in pomegranate reinforces the nerves. Pomegranate juice is anti for catching colds, used as exhilarating agent, and heart reinforcement.